Global Design Challenge

Envisioning Future of Play
IxDA Student Design Challenge: Finalist & First RunnerUp @Toronto

Design Brief

Interaction Design Associate (IxDA) along with Intel Labs conducted the Global Student design challenge in 2013 prodding design students worldwide to envision the future of play at the intersection of technology, arts, design and society. I was in my Masters program in Design in National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad at that time. 

Design Direction

Being thoroughly inspired by the work of Seymour Papert and Alan Kay, I researched further on the mechanics of playful interactions and what constitutes play at a fundamental level. I was fascinated by how Seymour uses gears as a fundamental building block of learning anything in a playful way. Similar explorations by MIT Media Lab's Lifelong Kindergarten group and the classic LEGO philosophy directed me further towards the following two questions:

How might we enable people to be both

active creators and active consumers of playful experiences, similar to the Kindergarten way of play?

How might we design playful experiences that minimize the gap between the VIRTUAL world and the REAL world?

Global Finalist Proposal

Key ideas

• Today predominantly play is experienced as virtual gaming, limited to the medium of rectangular screens

• Medium influences the way you think, influencing the content you create

• Why not break away from the rectangular medium of digital screens? How can we create futures that enable that?

Global Finalists in Toronto

Five students selected for the sponsored masterclass in Toronto, Canada during the IxDA Conference. 


From right to left: Yongsoon Choi from China, Matt (Mentor), Steve Portigal (Mentor), Bethany Stolle from Arizona, Mani Hk from India and Jeremy from Sweden and two mentors side by side. 

On-stage presentation in Toronto

Presented the refined concept of Future of Play @ IxDA13 Toronto. First RunnerUp position.  


• Concept, video & voice-over By Mani.

• Images used are from open source libraries or royalty-free images from freepik.

• Photos of Bob's experiences are shot in the venue of IxDA conference, Toronto