Crafting User Experience for

an IoT Smartpot Mobile App


This is an extension of the Greenopia IoT Smart Gardening system. The mobile app is the single point interface between the IoT Smart pot and the user. It performs multiple functions such as setting up the wireless device so that it can communicate over your wifi; assessing the local light conditions in your plant spot and recommending plants accordingly; after you make a plant choice, handhold you throughout the plant journey nudging you to take appropriate actions to keep your plant healthy and thriving. I will walk you through the key UI/UX decisions made in the design process of this mobile app. 

My role in the project: I led an interdisciplinary team of a graphic design intern and a full-stack mobile developer in the design and development of the Android native app. 

Design Process

App Demo

1-minute Product demo video of Greenopia App & the overall IoT Sensor system

To know more about how the entire IoT Smart pot system is designed, check out  

'Design of an IoT Technology Product with the aesthetics of craft'.