Talks and Papers on

Design & Business

Design is the process of changing existing situations

into preferred ones

-Herbert Simon (Nobel laureate)

Of the many hundred definitions of what design is, this one by Herbert Simon is the one that I relate the most with. It instantly applies to many different fields or domains that we assume to be purely analytical and non-creative. Whereas on closer look, you will notice the numerous ways in which design impacts everything that is human. When time and opportunity presents I talk about some of my lived experiences of design impacting business and how it could co-exist rather than compete. Here is a select list of my past talks. 

• Ways in which we grew our business through design - Stories from Greenopia

  Talk in Polygonal Talk Series #3, an online podcast organised by NID alumni association

• Making Decisions - Design, Tech & Business
  2-day Session at National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad

• Designing for Play
  Talk at Salon Voltaire, Toronto Art & Design Center, Canada

• Design with small “d”
  Guest talk at National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, along with Mayukhini Pande.

• Metaphors we design by.
  Talk at Jaaga Startup, Bangalore

• Panelist : Bootstrapping Green Ventures
  BeFantastic - Conclave of tech and design, Rangoli Art center, Bangalore

• Design “Doing”. Period.
  Talk at Maxus Media Agency, Singapore. 

• Alternate Modernity - A relook at what we perceive as modern

  Talk at ‘The Goa Project’ 2015, Goa, India

Papers published in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) 

ACM Intelligent User Interface Conference 2015 @ Israel

  Published & presented Wearable audio journal - design & development process.
  One of the five projects sponsored by ACM to present in Israel. 

Tangible User Interface Conference 2014 @ Spain, Barcelona
  Published ACM poster: Design for wearability

• Asia Pacific Human Computer Interaction (APCHI 2014) @ Bangalore 

  Paper on designing emotive wearables.